Friday, March 8, 2013

Kids Bathroom Re-Do: Before

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I needed to give the kids bathroom a little revamp. It's been in it's current state for two years  since we moved into the new house, and being as G will be ten this year, and is all boy, blue and pink hippos and elephants, just don't cut it when friends are over. It's difficult finding a middle ground for a brother and sister shared bathroom. The finished redo actually turned out quite nicely and should be able to stay for several years to come. But, before we can get to are the before shots:  

Embroidered Towels: Pottery Barn
Shower Curtain, Vase with Flowers & Mats: Target
"B" & "G" Canvas Print: Artwork by Moi :)
Shell Soap Dish: Home Goods
Nutcracker Soap: DUH

Check back early next week for the After shots, have a lovely weekend!