Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Little Bit of Chevron Please

I love all things Chevron, and after pinning a million things on Pinterest, okay maybe not a million, but I remembered I had a large white canvas in my craft closet, so I thought I'd try my hand at doing a simple clean Large scale Chevron painting for my living room. Before we even begin, sorry about the bad pictures, I had left my camera at the office, so these are all wonderful phone pics :)

Being lazy resourceful, and not wanting to spend a million hours with a ruler, I cut the corner off of an envelope to use as my guide for taping off my Chevron pattern, after I taped all the straight lines, I went back and added a second layer of tape to make the white stripe thicker. 

I didn't have any white paint, so I improvised and used Duncan Collage Pauge Instant Decoupage in matte, mixed in a dime size drop amount of black acrylic, and then added a few drops of silver liquid leaf for a very light metallic effect. After mixing well I had a grey-wash kind of consistency.

Then I layered on two coats with a 1" sponge brush, making sure to start on the tape and drag the paint towards the middle, this helped ensure a nice crisp line when you pull off the tape. I also wrapped the paint on the side too, as I don't plan on hanging this in a frame, and wanted the gray to almost blend right into our walls.

Here's the finished project propped against my wall, so you can see how it almost blends with the dove grey color of our walls. I didn't really want a color that popped, I wanted it to be more of the Chevron pattern that popped. I haven't gotten around to hanging it yet, so check back later in the week, for a Completely finished pic :)

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