Friday, March 30, 2012

Egg-squisite Easter Eggs

The hubby is working this weekend, so me and the kiddos are going to track down some Easter egg hunts, and I think we may trial run a few of these egg decorating tips in anticipating for next week.

Temporary Tattoos
I know they put decals in some decorating kits, but I've got loads of regular leftover temporary tattoos lying around and I never would have thought to use them

Botanical Prints
These are created with leaves or flowers placed on the egg and then you wrap each egg in panty hose to hold foliage in place while you dip it in color, so pretty! Click here for the tutorial

Dainty Eggs
These are decorate with simple scrap booking flowers, and look oh so elegant and sweet!

Simple Eggs
I'm still learning all its uses, and gathering ideas, but I'll definitely be busting out the Cricket and vinyl paper to make monogrammed eggs.

  What's your favorite way to decorate eggs? 

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

My 100th Post!!

Yippee, I did it, 100 entire posts!!! :) silly, maybe, but that's alot of work for this busy lady, so I'm proud of myself ;) Today I just wanted to share some pics of the front yard, we've been doing lots of spring spruce ups, and, after waiting over a year, we've finally got our fence!! This may seem like a small thing, but we've got 3/4 of an acre, that thing was expensive!

My poor topiarys may have bit the dust, I'm going to give them another week or two, this will be the second set that has died :( But my hydrangeas are looking awesome...for now, lol 

There's the lovely fence!! 

And the lovely stone columns the hubby and I built, yes, we did these ourselves, I am very proud :) 

And our massive backyard... so much room :) all the woods behind us are part of a 700 acre nature conservatory 

Check back soon and I'll share pics of the fruit garden and vegetable beds we planted, and thanks for stopping by :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesdays Three Things to Love

Look at all the fun ideas, the first one would be great for an herb garden outside of your kitchen door, and the others make such fun summertime vases!

We just bought our first pineapple, plant very cool, but I love all the fun decor that comes in pineapples, as they express hospitality, welcome, and friendship :) 

1. CHEVRON....again ;) 
Sorry, I'm just a sucker for Chevron, and add to the fact that it's pink, OMGosh! ♥♥♥


Monday, March 26, 2012

Refreshed Art

There is a painting that was in my grandparents house, in the front foyer, that I always loved as a little girl. It was horses in a pasture, that my grandfather purchased in Italy. When my grandmother downsized, she passed it along, with many other pieces, onto my mom, and my mom, knowing how much I loveed it, gave it to me.

I love the heavy gold frame, and the green linen mat was okay in my other house, but didn't match anything in this house, so I decided to give it a face lift.
I taped off the frame, and then mixed some white acrylic with a little water, and layered several coats.

After removing the paint...much brighter.
And now it actually looks great on my walls, before it was just too heavy.

I think I may go back and actually wrap the mat with new linen, but this is a vast improvement for the meanwhile.

Monday, March 19, 2012

GCB Sundays

Have you caught ABCs new show, GCB? There aren't many shows, in fact any, that I make sure to catch on TV, but, being a Desperate Housewives Fan from the beginning, I always try and get everything done on Sundays so I can plant on the couch at 8 for Desperate Housewives, for a bit it was followed by Pan AM, not sure if that got cancelled, but three weeks ago they premiered GCB. The hub usually exits the living room as soon as DH comes on, but he was in the kitchen at the end when GCB came on and got hooked too, lol. I only share this because I know none of his friend s will ever see. Last night he was working late,and at 8:45  told me he was leaving  15 minutes early so he didn't miss any.. ha ha ♥ him.

Its a silly, entertaining sitcom about grown-up mean girls living Big in Texas. The houses, the clothes, the jewelry, they're all big and fabulous!

Who doesn't loves rhinestones and boots? ;)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Navy Envy

My new color obsession, Navy. Ever since I picked up this pillow at Homegoods, it seems I keep seeing these great Navy-based patterns mixed with another bright color. Now if only I could figure out which room to work this into....

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Birchbox

Been having another fall off the map week, some times work and life just get the best of me, and the time to blog is non-existent. That being said though, I'm hoping to catch up on the blog with everything we've accomplished around the house in the past week and a half. Lots of fertilizing, weeding, a new vegetable garden and a flower bed with fruit trees! The yard is looking ready to head into spring :)

For today though, just wanted to share March's Birchbox. I had received an email asking id I'd prefer the Teen Vogue special Birch box being offered for March, and I figured, why not? Boy did I pick Right, this was a great box!

This Twistband is awesome, A. Because it's PINK ♥ and B. because it doesn't  catch your hair at all, I ordered somemore for Baylor and me, and their website is so neat, you can even getthem personalized! 

Essie Luxe Effects in "As gold as it gets" I actually already have this one, but it's a great small glitter that can layer over anything without being too-much

Kate Spade "Twirl"....well, I was excited to wear this, but I dropped it on the tile floor in the guest bath right after taking these photos, so now that bath room smells oh-so-good 

This tinted stick gets an A+ even from the hubby, I gave him a kiss goodbye after bring him lunch yesterday, and he called to ask what I had on my lips, because it stuck tho his and made them really moisturized, lol

I haven't tried this hair serum yet, but is smells so yummy!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesdays Three Things to Love

Joy Folie shoes....can you say A-MAZ-ING!!!!
love, love, love these, so unique, I want in my size!

Essie in "Sugar Daddy"
I just picked this up at Walgreen's about two weeks ago, and it is now a staple, such a perfect sheer for everyday wear

Waxing Poetic's Brass Ball Bracelet
I have the sterling silver, and love the little clasps they've made to add or remove as many charms as you'd like, it's like an edgier take on a pearl bracelet