Friday, March 20, 2015

Nursery Design Board

Like I mentioned before, I'm going to use alot of furniture pieces I already have, and luckily with the color scheme, it will work grandly either way, boy or girl. Here's a board I put together to give you and idea of what I'm thinking. 

and This cute little night light

I haven't decided on a rug yet, maybe a sheep skin?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Baby #03 and Nursery Ideas

So, the surprise is out...we are having another baby! This was not something we had planned, one of God's funny little ideas ;) And though we are still a bit stunned, we are getting very excited about having a little one around the house again. When this baby is born, my other two will have just turned 12 and 10, talk about starting over!

One of the first things I began to stress over was where we would put a nursery. When we moved to our land a year and a had ago, we downsized from 5 bedrooms to 3, so our only option is a small, odd shaped office space that my son and husband have actually utilized as their "game room" for playing video games, which does not have a closet. By the time this little one is old enough for to need  full size room, one my older two will be off to college, freeing up a room, crazy right? 

I'm working up a nursery design board, utilizing pieces I already have, with the exception of a crib, that I will get finished up and posted later this week. 

In the meanwhile, here are some ingenious ideas I found online, for making the most out of the little room I've got to work with.

Love this open closet concept

Industrial Storage baskets are a definite, I'll be scouting Homegoods for some similar to these

This was a definite winner, and a project I already have underway in my garage with an old china lets be real, we used it as a liquor cabinet. I love the open armoir look, with useful shelving below. 

Both of the ideas are great for storing all those little miscellaneous things that babies need.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Some Exciting News is coming....

So it's been a bit, well maybe a year and a half constitutes awhile...but I'm coming back to the blog! 

Lots has happened...we moved to some acreage, I changed jobs after 12 years, we built a barn, and we acquired some horses, a donkey, chicken and ducks...yeah, we're regular country folk now, and I LOVE IT! It has been amazing getting back to a hobby I grew up doing, and being able to share it with my daughter. 

My kids are now almost both in double digits, and both so fiercely independent, it's just been a really amazing year, with a huge emphasis on simplifying our lives, and GEEZ what a difference that makes...goodbye stress, and hello happiness!!

There are some exciting changes on the horizon, and I can't wait to share soon...but until then, here are a few pics to catch you up!
My Beau (1st horseshow for me in 14 years!!)
Seriously, my kid and her pony are total Rock Stars!

We are so lucky for our little slice of Heaven ;)

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