Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Baby #03 and Nursery Ideas

So, the surprise is out...we are having another baby! This was not something we had planned, one of God's funny little ideas ;) And though we are still a bit stunned, we are getting very excited about having a little one around the house again. When this baby is born, my other two will have just turned 12 and 10, talk about starting over!

One of the first things I began to stress over was where we would put a nursery. When we moved to our land a year and a had ago, we downsized from 5 bedrooms to 3, so our only option is a small, odd shaped office space that my son and husband have actually utilized as their "game room" for playing video games, which does not have a closet. By the time this little one is old enough for to need  full size room, one my older two will be off to college, freeing up a room, crazy right? 

I'm working up a nursery design board, utilizing pieces I already have, with the exception of a crib, that I will get finished up and posted later this week. 

In the meanwhile, here are some ingenious ideas I found online, for making the most out of the little room I've got to work with.

Love this open closet concept

Industrial Storage baskets are a definite, I'll be scouting Homegoods for some similar to these

This was a definite winner, and a project I already have underway in my garage with an old china lets be real, we used it as a liquor cabinet. I love the open armoir look, with useful shelving below. 

Both of the ideas are great for storing all those little miscellaneous things that babies need.

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