Friday, March 30, 2012

Egg-squisite Easter Eggs

The hubby is working this weekend, so me and the kiddos are going to track down some Easter egg hunts, and I think we may trial run a few of these egg decorating tips in anticipating for next week.

Temporary Tattoos
I know they put decals in some decorating kits, but I've got loads of regular leftover temporary tattoos lying around and I never would have thought to use them

Botanical Prints
These are created with leaves or flowers placed on the egg and then you wrap each egg in panty hose to hold foliage in place while you dip it in color, so pretty! Click here for the tutorial

Dainty Eggs
These are decorate with simple scrap booking flowers, and look oh so elegant and sweet!

Simple Eggs
I'm still learning all its uses, and gathering ideas, but I'll definitely be busting out the Cricket and vinyl paper to make monogrammed eggs.

  What's your favorite way to decorate eggs? 

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