Monday, March 26, 2012

Refreshed Art

There is a painting that was in my grandparents house, in the front foyer, that I always loved as a little girl. It was horses in a pasture, that my grandfather purchased in Italy. When my grandmother downsized, she passed it along, with many other pieces, onto my mom, and my mom, knowing how much I loveed it, gave it to me.

I love the heavy gold frame, and the green linen mat was okay in my other house, but didn't match anything in this house, so I decided to give it a face lift.
I taped off the frame, and then mixed some white acrylic with a little water, and layered several coats.

After removing the paint...much brighter.
And now it actually looks great on my walls, before it was just too heavy.

I think I may go back and actually wrap the mat with new linen, but this is a vast improvement for the meanwhile.

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