Monday, March 19, 2012

GCB Sundays

Have you caught ABCs new show, GCB? There aren't many shows, in fact any, that I make sure to catch on TV, but, being a Desperate Housewives Fan from the beginning, I always try and get everything done on Sundays so I can plant on the couch at 8 for Desperate Housewives, for a bit it was followed by Pan AM, not sure if that got cancelled, but three weeks ago they premiered GCB. The hub usually exits the living room as soon as DH comes on, but he was in the kitchen at the end when GCB came on and got hooked too, lol. I only share this because I know none of his friend s will ever see. Last night he was working late,and at 8:45  told me he was leaving  15 minutes early so he didn't miss any.. ha ha ♥ him.

Its a silly, entertaining sitcom about grown-up mean girls living Big in Texas. The houses, the clothes, the jewelry, they're all big and fabulous!

Who doesn't loves rhinestones and boots? ;)
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