Friday, March 2, 2012

Fabulous Fridays Link-Up #2

Simple DIY project for the weekend...spruce up that house address.
Every home and area has a different way of showing their number,
A metal plaquard is very popular,

or just numbers mounted to your brick,

or maybe a little fancy sign,

or a BIG fancy sign :)

ours was that ugly 3" metal numbers on the fascia, ugh, I wanted to do something more unique and use some sort of stone to tie into the stone columns of our fence, inspiration.....

So we picked up a managable stone from a local stone wholesale warehouse, it was only $ .40 a pound, so at 120 lbs, it came out to $48, which is alot cheaper than most of those custom plaques you order, it's a large piece of travertine, I think, and has great lines of color through it, its really pops when it's wet, I think I might get a sealer for it to make it look like that all the time. Anyways, we picked up bronze numbers from Home Depot, and used construction adhesive to adhere to the stone (this adhesive works awesome, but is super messy and hard to get off your hands, wear gloves!). I put a piece of painters tape across the stone and made sure it was level to use as a guide for setting the numbers.

 and voila, I love how this turned out!

Okay, now onto the Fabulous Friday Link Up, please share ideas, craft, DIY, whatever you want :)

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