Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Birchbox

Been having another fall off the map week, some times work and life just get the best of me, and the time to blog is non-existent. That being said though, I'm hoping to catch up on the blog with everything we've accomplished around the house in the past week and a half. Lots of fertilizing, weeding, a new vegetable garden and a flower bed with fruit trees! The yard is looking ready to head into spring :)

For today though, just wanted to share March's Birchbox. I had received an email asking id I'd prefer the Teen Vogue special Birch box being offered for March, and I figured, why not? Boy did I pick Right, this was a great box!

This Twistband is awesome, A. Because it's PINK ♥ and B. because it doesn't  catch your hair at all, I ordered somemore for Baylor and me, and their website is so neat, you can even getthem personalized! 

Essie Luxe Effects in "As gold as it gets" I actually already have this one, but it's a great small glitter that can layer over anything without being too-much

Kate Spade "Twirl"....well, I was excited to wear this, but I dropped it on the tile floor in the guest bath right after taking these photos, so now that bath room smells oh-so-good 

This tinted stick gets an A+ even from the hubby, I gave him a kiss goodbye after bring him lunch yesterday, and he called to ask what I had on my lips, because it stuck tho his and made them really moisturized, lol

I haven't tried this hair serum yet, but is smells so yummy!

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