Thursday, March 29, 2012

My 100th Post!!

Yippee, I did it, 100 entire posts!!! :) silly, maybe, but that's alot of work for this busy lady, so I'm proud of myself ;) Today I just wanted to share some pics of the front yard, we've been doing lots of spring spruce ups, and, after waiting over a year, we've finally got our fence!! This may seem like a small thing, but we've got 3/4 of an acre, that thing was expensive!

My poor topiarys may have bit the dust, I'm going to give them another week or two, this will be the second set that has died :( But my hydrangeas are looking awesome...for now, lol 

There's the lovely fence!! 

And the lovely stone columns the hubby and I built, yes, we did these ourselves, I am very proud :) 

And our massive backyard... so much room :) all the woods behind us are part of a 700 acre nature conservatory 

Check back soon and I'll share pics of the fruit garden and vegetable beds we planted, and thanks for stopping by :)
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