Monday, April 2, 2012

Quick Cricket Personalization

So, at the young age of 6, my daughter has already developed a taste for Vera Bradley. Her pattern of choice...Mocha Rouge. I myself don't have any Vera Bradly items, but I think it's got some great patterns for her. She's got the backpack, purse, notebooks, pens, coin pouch, and she's holding out for an overnight bag coming in her Easter basket. Anyways, I picked her up some school folder when I saw them, and wanted to add some personalization.

Using the crickets to cut out some vinyl stick "B's"
 I just got a Cricket, so I've been scouring the house and my mind for projects to use it on :)

Adhesive vinyl rolls, this stuff is awesome!

And a few minutes later....B for little Miss B:)

Very simple and cute, and most importantly, Little Miss B loves them.

Since there was a little area left of pink vinyl, and I didn't want to hang on to scraps, nor did I want to waste it, so my IPad case got a cute pink hippo ;)

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