Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bar Art

As we are slowing sifting through the things in my Nina's condo, it has been almost an adventure looking though all the old photos and treasures we come upon when opening each new drawer and cabinet. In a dresser I found a stack of wine labels.
For those that don';t know, I'm a complete Wino, it runs in the family ;) They had a great aged look to them, and automatically my mind started whirling what I could do with them. I wanted something larger behind the bar in our man room, and these fit the bill.
PS..before we get started, I know the photos are kind of awful, once again the Nikon is dead and I have placed the charger in a handy place, I just can't seem to remember where that is...

I'd already purchased these 12x12 square frames from Michael's with 8x8 white mats included, and wasn't really happy with how they looked with family pics, I wanted something with more of an "art" look. 
I looked through all of my craft closet trying to figure out how to actually display the labels, and found in my scrap booking paper loads of the leftover 12x12 cardboard sheets they put in the packs to keep the paper from being bent, perfect!! I felt such validation from hanging on to them and now being able to use them, lol!

A paint brush and the big ole bottle of Collage Pauge in matte, and I was in business... 

I used 3m Velcro hanging strips, and just used a level for spacing, so much simpler then measuring and nails, I just don't have that kind of patience! 

Michael's had only had 8 of the same frame, they were a bronze color with a simple concave frame, but the had the same color and style, only with a convex frame, so I used this for the middle square, and put in this old sepia photo we took up in Gatlinburg with my mom and brother several years back, and it fits perfectly for behind a bar, look at little Miss B and Grier, sooo cute and too funny!!

The finished product...

What do you think, I love it. It fits the space much better, it's something that reminds me of my Nina, and it's involves wine, what not to love ;) And yes, they are a little crooked, I've got to  get those little rubber pads to put under to keep them from slipping to different sides,but at least there not scattered on the floor anymore :) 

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