Monday, April 23, 2012

A Little Spice Makes Everyhting Nice

My mom dropped off this spice rack from my grandmothers because she thought I might like it and could find some way to spruce it up.

So I emptied out all the ancient spices and gave everything a good cleaning and scrubbing. After letting it all dry overnight, I used two coats of gloss black acrylic paint, making sure to go back over and get all the little crevices.

 Next I filled up with all the spices I had, I still want to change up the labels, but haven't come up with what to do with them yet.

Though it looked nice a clean, and fit better in my kitchen being black, it still needed something else. So I ran by Hobby Lobby and grabbed this great , chunky ceramic knob, and half off ;)

I measure to find the middle, borrowed the hub's power tools, made a quick hole, about two minutes of spinning to get this bad boy all the way down, and presto, much better.

Still not completely in love with it, but I've been busy with a whole slew of projects, so it will do for now :)

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