Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chilly Saturday morning at the Zoo

Saturday the kiddos and I met up with grandparents at the zoo, I love the zoo :) One of the good things that comes out of being the child of divorced thrice parents, my kids are blessed with a multitude of grandparents, whether biological or not, it doesn't matter, only more people to give them love, is how I see it :) Anyways, it was rather chilly and overcast, but it still made for a nice morning at the zoo. We were the first one's in and all the animals were anxious to be fed, and were up and running around.
This little llama ran right up to greet us....and nibble up the kiddos food

The bird house, so much fun, these birds fly right down to you 

The peacock, always trying to get a good shot of one of these guys
This little baby zebra was so cute! I didn't get a shot, but they had a two year old little hippo to, and couple of week old baby gorilla, so adorable!

Chasing the peacock again ;)
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