Friday, February 3, 2012

Making Something Ugly...Even Uglier??

Okay, this is going down as a flub, but I thought I'd share anyways, since it was in my pictures. I've seen some really cute glasses and plates/bowls, people have glued together to make large candlesticks, trays, etc. And thought I'd give it a try. However...I couldn't find quite what I was looking for, so, from the clearance section of Home Goods, I snagged a $1 Ceramic Angel Candle stick and $2 ceramic dog bowl.


After gluing them together, I hit them with some pink spray paint. Unfortunately, it was still an ugly candle stick. So, I added some rhinestones, and it sitting on my front table for the next two weeks, until February 14th, after which it will make its way to its new home at Good will, lol, oh well you can't win 'em  all.

 The LOVE letters did turn out cute though. These were card stock letters from Joann's, I spray painted them same as the candlestick, uses mod-podge to decoupage leftover tissue pager from Christmas on top. Then Miss Baylor stamped all over them with different hearts, and we used some scrapbook heart accents.

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