Friday, February 24, 2012

More Curtains

So actually I was on a bit of a sewing spree last weekend, in addition to the "man room" curtains, I also picked up fabric for Little Miss B's room too (here and here). I hadn't planned on it, but then I saw this super cute tulle fabric with satin designs on top, I thought it would be a great pop of color to her room. So on these, I didn't iron the sides, as they had a finished edge, I just folded the top over about 4 inches, sewed a straight seam, and done.

They look really cute, other then the cheapo curtain rod, it was not good, gonna pickup something similar to what I did in the man room this weekend to replace. I managed to break it just getting it out of the package, super glue temporarily fixed it ;)

Before & After

After They were hung, I decided she needed a few more bright pops here and there, so back to Joanns, and I picked out some tufted taffeta, and really soft plush dot fabric that Little Miss B wanted so she could flip it over and it would be very snuggly. Here's a sneal peak of the fabrics. Check back Monday to see the finsihed results :)

♥♥♥  PINK

Have a lovely weekend!!

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