Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Little Bit of Bling

I have seen this chandelier mobile in lots of different area, I pinned it here, and had started to make the chandelier stings, but wasn't sure how/what to hang it on, until I saw it on this blog two weeks ago. I wanted to hang it just below the light Baylor has in her room, to throw off pretty sparkles around the room, she had seen it and loved it,so here's what we did for ours.

 I spray painted a green wreath mold in left over satin nickel, remember I mentioned it here?

We strung swaroski crystal glass beads on flexi-clear wire. I would make a knot and then pull the crystal on top to hide it. We used a large, medium and small,in all sorts of varying patterns and lengths.

I thought I wanted to due linen, like here, but couldn't find the right shade of white in it,so I used some bargain bin rayon, that naturally frayed on the end, giving it kind of a shabby look I lived. I just used a needle and thread to make a ruffle and attached to the outer ring and inner ring.

It turned out really pretty, and, the most important part, Baylor loves it :)

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