Thursday, January 12, 2012

Office Desk Makeover

This great little old desk I found at the same antique store as these antlers. It's solid wood and originally had a black top. I had previously destroyed it attempted to makeover it with some white acrylic paint, but of course rushed it and it turned out pretty blah. This time I tried to do it right.

I removed the hardware and spray painted it a satin Nickel, the other round piece is another project I'll show you next week

Put a coat of primer over the whole thing and then sprayed in satin white,
Then I taped off the top and did a butter yellow, for a pop of color

After patiently waiting for it to dry (yeah right, I was blowing it with a hair dryer, because I have no patience for watching paint dry), I decided I want to incorporate some of the nickel color on the top too. So I cut a circle in an extra sheet of paper, and layed a piece of scrap book paper that was but out with floral designs on top, and sprayed the nickel over. I repeated three times, and even though i don't absolutely LOVE it, it does give it a little something. 

Here's a small snap of the finish, I'll show the rest next week, when I show you my guest room, I have a few more finishing touches in there, and then I will reveal the whole room. Even though we've just barely been at the house a year, I decided to change up the accessories and colors in this room from blues, to white, yellow and gray, which is currently my color blend obsession :)

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