Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kids Rooms

Continuing on with rooms, here are my kids rooms. These, as you will notice, have lots on the walls, if only the other rooms were as easy as theirs :)

Grier decide he wanted a Tampa Bay Buccaneers room. After searching endlessly  on the Internet for something other than cheesy trademark Buccaneer bedding sets, I cam across the new NFL Line that Pottery Barn Teen has, and it was perfect!


Baylor's room was a little harder, she's quite picky for only five years old. Her guide lines were: Pink, Black, White and Paris.....So here's what we ended up with:

This is the beautiful matching twin bed to my guest bed, they were my great-grandmothers, and my mom just had them refinished before bring them down to me. I think Baylor actually picked out some really great color, because its a room she can grow with, she's a design-diva in the making:)

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