Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Decadent Dining

Something I was super excited about when building our new home, was the prospect of having a formal dining room! Our last home had a room that was supposed to act as such, but it was awkward and so far away from the kitchen, we turned it into an office instead. But now we have a big beautiful dining room, and I can't wait to have our first big Thanksgiving dinner here in another two months.

Contrary to what I thought I would go with, we decided to stray away from my ideal dark mahogany, classic and elegant dining room. Instead, we found this really neat old kitchen table at Celebrations, it has drawers under the lip, great for storing napkins, rings and runners, and the top  has been cover in tin with little brad nails. We also picked up the rustic urn and flowers.

 Brett picked out the chairs, they are linen Calais Chairs from Pottery Barn, and we picked up a chunky basket weave natural Jute rug, some wicker chargers, white linen napkins, and stamped nickel napkin rings there as well. 

The walls were blank for awhile, my very decorating-involved husband and I could not agree on what pieces to hang, eventually, while he was working one evening last week, I just went for it, trying pieces until I found what I liked, and also, I decorated with all my fun fall finds, that I mentioned here.


I added some architectural sketches from Home Place (such a steal, only $20 each!), a Compass Rose from Pier One, Golden Candles Pillars, Candles, Ikat Napkins from  PB, and Burnt Orange Roses all give beautiful Fall glow. 

It is the first room when you walk in, and it always puts a smile in my face.  
I'll follow up with the living room and front porch fall make over soon ♥

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