Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our new home

In October last year, we began building our new home. This is mine and Brett's second time building, the first time was rebuilding our second home after Hurricane Ivan destroyed it in 2004, so everything went pretty smoothly compared to that. It seems we've moved quite a bit in the nine years we've been married, but I think we made sure that this house had EVERYTHING we needed, so I don't plan on moving again for a veryyyy long time. Here's some during construction and after.

   It looks like a house.....

Getting closer.....

And VOILA!!!!
We picked up some beautiful hand glazed pots from Woerner's Landscape, and comfy chairs from the Lowe's Allen & Roth Eastfield Collection. I wasn't crazy about the pillows that came with the chairs, so I picked up some great bright outdoor canvas at Jo-Anns and made my own. The only thing I'm still missing is a little table.

We added to our original landscape plan once we moved in of ligustrums, aztec grass, lillies, vitex, Japanese yew, and various box hedges, by planting foxtail ferns, love these, another Magnolia in the backyard, and some Gardenia bushes on the side of the house, for some beautiful fragrance when they bloom.

After our home was completed, we immediately focused on clearing the additional lot we added next to us. After 6 long months, my husband laid the final pallet of sod last weekend, resulting in our beautiful extended lawn, just in time for the kids joint birthday bash next weekend. Eventually, we will add a privacy fence with some brick columns, but I'm ready to shift the focus back to the finishing touches inside the house now :)

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