Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Orange You Glad it's Fall

It may have taken forever, and  cost a small fortune, but I finally made my clove oranges. I Found a cute idea online to tie ribbon around the oranges so you could hang them, but i just tied them in to bows, and really liked how they turned out. They're a festive Holiday decoration, and smell so good! 

What you'll need:
-Oranges (however many you'd like, I did 5)
-Whole Cloves (if you can find them in bulk, you'll save some money, the individual bottle were expensive, and it took me three bottles to do 5 oranges)

It's easiest to wrap the ribbon around the orange, cross and bring back up to the top and tie.

This also makes a great little outline to follow, then individually press each close in. Some people recommend using a toothpick or needle to make holes first, but i think its just as easy to just push the cloves in.

I love the look of a completely covered orange, but I knew I hadn't bought enough cloves to do that, so I left my pattern a little more open.

My little helpers, they loved making these

Proudly displaying their hard work


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