Monday, October 24, 2011

With Fall Comes the Fair

We had a very busy, and only slightly productive weekend in our household. Saturday we started with Grier's soccer games, the Bullsharks one, with Grier scoring 2 of the 4 winning goals (proud mommy). Then it was off to the fair. I'm so glad it only comes once a year, all the delicious food that's so horrible for you, the scary rides my son and husband go on (I have to turn around, I get to antsy if I watch), and then there is the small fortune you spend trying to win your kids all the prizes.

That's Grier on the left and me on the right, we kept falling all over the place, but we were having a ball, he-he, cheesy pun:)

Ehh! I couldn't even watch this one, the went all the way upside down

Baylor loves the ponies ♥

The loot, lol :) Grier wanted all of the angry birds, and we spent every last dollar we had brought, but we managed to get them all. 
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