Saturday, October 29, 2011

Think PInk

I've been checking out all these neat nail polish blogs, and it's amazing what talent some people have. Me, I've always been more into pretty toes, mainly because I've been biting my fingernails since I can remember, horrible habit, I know. keeping them painted the last two weeks, I've actually managed to break my habit. I've been doing pink, for breast cancer awareness month, and here's a few I liked.
Base coat, Fiji by Essie, Top coat, Pink Shatter by OPI
I know my nails may look short, but believe me, I have itty bitty hands and nail beds, and these are nails for me :)

This look I saw Nat Your Average Girl, and thought I'd try a pink version

I layered a stripe of glitter along the tip of the nail, and then came back with a swipe along the entire nail, I really liked the result, super girly :)

Base coat was again, Fiji by Essie, and Top coat was an old Holographic pink glitter from Claire's Pure Ice 

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