Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkins 4 Sale

Last weekend the kiddos and I drove down to the same Pumpkin Patch we do every year, and picked up some pumpkins to carve this weekend. Baylor picked out the biggest pumpkin she could, Grier and I picked out pumpkins that had green on them, Grier's with green webbing and mine with green stripes, we got a little orange one for dad, and a silvery green for for decoration in the front hall. Can't wait to carve them this weekend, think we're gonna end up with a Barbie pumpkin and a zombie :)

Love my 'lil punkins ♥♥♥

Can't believe how big he's gotten, another two years or so and he's gonna be bigger than me, wish someone would events a pause button already, to slow things down :)

♥ my 'lil bit Baylor
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