Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I just received the cutest catalog in the mail, Crewcuts, it's J Crew for kids, sooo cute. Since both of my children are now officially "kids" not toddlers or babies, I've had a hard time finding clothes that are still cute, but "cool" for them. Grier is easy, you can never got wrong with Ralph Lauren or Polo. But my itty bitty Baylor doesn't want to wear the kiddy stuff stuff anymore, and I really am not into this "Justice" store that all her friends and her love, so I think this will be a perfect compromise.

What little studs, love Peacoats for boys

Such a fashionista, this is totally a "Baylor" look!

So cute, I want this outfit

Love classic Navy, ordered this one for Baylor already :)
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