Monday, October 31, 2011

Freckles + Kitty

This is such a cute girls line of clothes. A couple of months ago, they were one of the features on Zulilly, and I ordered a dress for Baylor for over half off. When I received it, I knew it would be a new favorite of mine. Their dresses are super comfy and wash friendly jersey, no itchy lace ruffles here, but they use such great patterns and colors, that they  still can be used for nicer outings and would make some great photo outfits.

Here's the one I got for Baylor (in black) and another color variation they've got this time,
She sported hers with bright pink tights and black boots, so cute!

I really liked this little candy-striper set, but it was already sold out :( 

I'm not a big purple fan, but I really like this combination with the grey and green 

Not really Baylor's style, or my favorite, but I love the bold colors against the black 

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