Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Home Tour: Living Room

Okay, I've been seriously delinquent in posting these, but I had temporarily misplaced my camera charger, and want really wanted nice pics, not from my phone :) I picked up all sorts of fall goodies a few weeks ago, as mentioned here, and have them all out now. I'm very much a neutral, gray-tan, kind of gal, with just pops of color, so I love all the neutral items I found. You may notice semi-bare walls, this continues to be an issue throughout the house, my husband and I can't commit to what we want to hang, and we've become so accustom to the minimalist look, that everytime we put something up, we think it looks cluttered, suggestions are welcomed...... ;)

This great pot my dad bought us as a house-warming gift, from Celebrations, when he was down last month, I love the contrast between the glossy ceramic top and earth matte bottom. 

I am currently really into anyhting with a  turquoise hue, I have little pops in both the living rooms and master bedroom

 Mercury glass candle sticks, another housewarming I adore

♥♥♥ My Pottery Barn Couch, yay, I waited six months for this, we got the PB Comfort in Oatmeal Linen, and it is so comfortable!! I love how neutral it is, because I can change throws and pillows all year round for different looks. Best of all, we can all snuggle and watch a movie together, and there is room for everyone. 

Displaying my fall finds I mentioned here 

I made a large floor pillow after seeing one at DUH that I really liked that cost $300. I figured I could probably make a more economical version, So I found some fun swirly canvas at Jo-anns and made it along with a smaller neck pillow. Very comfy when you're laying on the floor playing with the kiddos or puppy, and I like how it looks layered in the corner with a throw....again, love my neutrals!

This great little ottoman I picked up at Objects in Eastern Shore, its quirky and it's useful. It has storage inside and doubles as an extra seat. It's got a padded seat, covered in a burlap, with rusted license plates hammered all around the side. And this great cow hide pillow I picked up from my all time favorite store, DUH ♥ 

More fall finds from PB. I like how the pillow on the right has fall colors, but still pulls in my turquoise. 

This Glass Cabinet entertainment center from PB is great at cutting out dust. Inside is a gorgeous hand gilded mask my mom brought me back from Italy several years ago, and  some funkly old cowhide books I found on One King Lane. You may have noticed, I kind of have a thing for cow hides :) 

Another pop of turquoise hidden behind a neutral linen pillow....and our great PB glass top coffee table. I want to change out the items inside to go along with the seasons, but haven't gotten there yet....on the hunt for some good small items to display in there,

Some of my favorite things about this houseare the tray ceilings and the long, grand hallway from the front entry to the living room. It's still bare now, but it's gonna look fabulous when I find the right items to hang down it.

Check back Friday for the front porch, it's sooo cute!
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