Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Getting Stitchy with it

Guess what the hubs let me go get, an embroidery machine, woo hoo, I'm so excited!! I've wanted one for a bit, but they are so expensive! Then I saw a facebook friend was doing some really awesome stuff, and she has the Brother SE-400, which is only $369 at Walmart. So I went over and scooped one up yesterday, it was our 13 year anniversary since we started dating, awww ♥ And got busy last night making some burp clothes and embroidering an outfit I got for a friend who's Little girl is due any day now. 


It was so easy and user friendly! I'm already racking my brain thinking of what to do next, but I'm taking baby steps, so I don't ruin anything, like this unfortunate burp rag, oh well, trial and error :)

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