Monday, October 7, 2013

Miss B's New Room...In Progress

Not the best pics, but all I managed to snap on the Iphone before calling it a night. I got B's dressage photos up, waiting for our goodies from the Pottery Barn Emily & Meritt collection to get in (design board here & collection here).
Recycled frames from the old house, from Michael's I believe. Picked these because they've got a slight gold hue around the edges and center. Ignore the Buccaneers football chair below, B borrowed from her brothers room, because the matching chair is still at the other house. 

And a quick peek of the living room....our furniture actually fits this house better than the last I think :) Allot of that is because we went with a brown undertone paint color in lieu of grey. Checkout our awesome rug I mentioned here from PB, loving this thing!!

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