Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wanted: more Kitchen Storage

Sorry no house tour updates yet, the moving still continues....good news is we got a contract in on our home we are moving from, and they want to close in just a little over two weeks. So now we are in full motion trying to get the rest of our stuff out. We knew we were getting rid of most of the playroom and office stuff, but the biggest challenge we're facing now, no more room in the kitchen, we went from a Gi-normous kitchen, to a regular, nice size kitchen, so where do we put all our stuff. Here's some inspiration, we're still trying to figure what direction we're going to go, we definitely want additional cabinetry for storage and we also know we want to incorporate a desk area our computer since we lost our office...

This is just clean and simple, and I like the deeper cabinets in the middle

This has a bit more detail above the computer, but not sure if it doesn't give it to much of a "country" feel...I am in the country now, but I don't want to go all rooster and lace, ya know ;) 

I really like the open shelves, but then I think of dust... 

This has the open shelves with glass doors,perfect, and I love the thought of a mini fridge built in for our my wine 

Simple and effective 

I could handle one open shelf like this, and I like that the desk dips lower 

Loving the glass with cabinet lighting, gives it a china cabinet feel, would love to display my crystal in here with some of my gorgeous ceramic and wooden bowls 

Except for the frosted glass, I really like this, it would save me on granite costs as well as create more pantry are...think this might be spot on, with clear glass and lighting I could still display my crystal, and we could probably still make one of those doors into the mini fridge area... 

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