Thursday, February 21, 2013

February Birchbox

My Birchbox was a little delayed, it got "snowed-in" due to the weather up north, but I finally got it in Tuesday. It was a red-carpet ready box, for the award season now in full swing. It wasn't my favorite box ever, but it did have a few good things. Here's the loot:

Ghiradelli's Caramel squares, Delish, love these, and this was gone within moments of this pic. Primrose candle, smells pretty good, set it on my tub ledge to enjoy next time I have time for a bubble bath :) The leave in conditioner and foundation I haven't gotten to try yet, but the conditioner spray smells really great.  
Inside the little sparkly box was some Juicy couture perfume, smells great, already have used it up, and Dr. Lipp Nipple balm for Lips... just have to say this stuff was great, my lips were super chapped from all the wind this past weekend, and I have just about used up the whole little tube, will definitely be ordering the full size of this. 
What goodies did you get in Birchbox this month?

Haven't tried Birchbox yet? Check it out here, for only $10 month, you get a little box of surprises, full of all sorts of samples and sometimes full size goodies :)
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