Monday, February 25, 2013

New Kitchen Light

We have changed out a few lights here any there, but it has taken me forever to find something for above my kitchen table. I wanted something in brushed nickel because all of our appliances are stainless, but it's so hard to find that finish with out the "contractors" package look. Here's what we currently have....the contractors lighting :p

I know, horrible pic, this is from two years ago when we first moved in, but I dislike this light so much, it hasn't made an appearance in any other photos, pretty much looks the same as below (no offense meant to anyone who has this light, it just isn't my cup of tea)

And here's the pretty I just ordered from Lowe's. I saw it the other day, and wanted it right away, but of course it's special order, murphy's-law, because I am so about instant gratification, so I'll have to wait two weeks, can't wait to show you the update :)

Isn't she pretty, it's the Checkolite International 3-Light Hulton Specialty Pewter Chandelier and I ♥♥♥ It's specialty pewter patina painted gold with brushed silver finish, so it flows with our stainless appliances, but has a bit more character than brushed nickel, and then it also has a White linen shade, which kind of softens it. If I get it in and still absolutely love, I may end up buying another for the front entry way too, thank goodness the hub works at Lowe's and I get my discount, lol :)
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