Friday, September 20, 2013

And the moving continues...

The moving continues...we were able to get enough moved Friday and Saturday (and by "we" I mean the hub ;) that we have been staying in the house since Saturday night. Initially I was like"phew, that wasn't that bad" but then I realized it isn't the big furniture that's hard, yes its heavy and awkward, but it's done, now it's those million little things, clothes, decor, etc. that take FOREVER to move. I'm hoping to get that all completed this weekend.

Here's a few pics of the finished up painting
Dining are, and that door over to the left where the hub is standing is the laundry room
Living Room, I now have mixed emotions on the mantel, not sure if I want it white still, what do you think?
Kitchen Eating area
Kitchen ♥♥♥
Kiddos Bathroom
G's Room

Also the hub put in some yard work and planted a few more trees, just to give us a little more privacy at the front gate. I'm seriously in love with this long drive to the house ♥

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