Thursday, September 12, 2013

We're moving...again!

Hey there! No I haven't disappeared, I just took a long break from blogging. As the kids get older, life just seems to get busier and busier, in a good way, but free time to blog has become non existent.

Now back to the title, we're moving, to the country! 

Silly me has a habit of getting on the MLS listings all the time, just to check out what's available, and see how home prices are going in our neighborhood. About three weeks ago I came across 4 acres about 5 minutes from our current house. I showed the hub and said looks go look at it for grins & giggles. And then our whole world flipped. We fell in love and were hooked. Fast forward to today, our current house has been on the market for 13 days, has had 11 showings, and we close on this new house tomorrow, craziness right?

That just means get ready for a whole bunch of blogging, cuz I've got a whole new house to decorate ;) Here's the pics from the MLS listing.

Home Sweet Home
Its 2300 sf, and a 3 bed/2 bath, so it's a downsize from our current 3200 sf 5 bed/3 bath, but our house previous to that one was 2100 sf, so I think we can manage ;) And down the road we plan to add on to the right side, with two larger bedrooms and a game room upstairs, baby steps we're going from .7 acres to 4.1 acres, so we have tons of room outside to entertain.

The previous owners moved out a bit ago into their new home, so I can't wait to get the hedge trimmers on all those bushes, it's got great landscaping, just needs a little grooming

The back porch....fireplace, check...Jacuzzi, check, cool fall evenings to enjoy, hurry up please! 

The adjoining property is a horse pasture ♥♥♥ and now that Baylor has started horse back riding, I only imagine our time is limited until we're building our own barn....

Walking in the front door, mantel is definitely getting a face lift in nice glossy white, I hoping that will make me like the marble surround more, we shall see. Walls are getting lightened up, I'm using Lowe's Valspar Signature in Sidewalk, and we're also going to get a fresh coat of white on the ceilings.

The whole living, dining, kitchen, breakfast nook is one open area, which I usually don't like, but it really works in this house....I'm envisioning some great parties in this space, so much room with this GIGANTIC bar top ♥ 

No words need, I ♥♥♥ this kitchen! 
(okay actually I wish the cabinets had slightly less red tone, and I'm loosing my awesome walk-in pantry and island, but I love the granite, the appliance are super nice, and the cabinets are all wood custom made, so I can deal ;) 

That front dormer is actually a window above the front door, so it lets in lots of great natural light. This little front office is super tiny, so it will be a little play area for the kiddos 

Master bedroom 

Master bath 

The shower wraps around that corner and has a rain head and about 8 jets that shoot from different sides, I was sold once I saw this and the deep tub! 

Little miss B's room, love the colors in here and the master, both from Restoration Hardware, I think we'll leave these two rooms as is 

Kids shared bath. For the record I do no like sliding glass shower doors. That being said, this one is custom cut with a little tile seat at the end of the bath, so it's super functional and nicely done, and I will learn to live with it, because it make sense in this space. 

Laundry room, I lost my pantry, but I got a deep sink, yay!! I hope to pop up this laminate in the near future and get some really cool piece of granite or quartz in here since it's such a small area I figure we can splurge :) I also want to put in a large industrial looking faucet.

What do you think? We are super excited. The painters have been working since Tuesday on the main living, kitchen, dining area. We usually paint ourselves, but because of the sheer size and the height of the ceilings, we bit the bullet and hired the pros to take care of that big space. The Hubby has the next couple of days off and it tackling G's room and the kiddos bathroom. Check back soon for our progress!

Oh, I almost forgot, the all important "man cave." This detached garage and storage room already has power to it, so we're going to add AC and  the cable company is running lines out to it Saturday and voila, the hubby can escape for his all day football binges ;) Eventually it will get a pool table, and we'll move the bar in here since there';s no room in the main house, it will be the ultimate "man's" hangout!

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