Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas at Disney

We surprised the kiddos with a little day trip to Disney, since we were in Kissimmee anyways for a cheer leading competition.Well, that little trip to Disney ended  up being a 14 hours jam-packed day. We all had a blast, didn't wait more than five minutes in any line, but were all exhausted as we jumped on the monorail at 10 pm. It was our first time making a visit during Christmas, and the lights were beautiful, plus we were there for the taping of the parade that will air on ABC on Christmas Day, so the kiddos will now be glued to the screen I'm sure, looking for themselves in the mass of people. Much to Baylor's dismay, we missed out on Justin Bieber, who was there to tape another segment, a mere 12 hours later the next day :( She'll live, lol.

Saw this idea for shirts on Etsy, so I jumped on and created a simlar design myself, they turned out so cute, just plain white t's and iron ons :)

The hubby flexing with Stitch :) 

The monorails were down when we first arrived, so we took the ferry boat for he first time ever, fun, but chilly!

All the pretty Christmas decor 

Loved the toy soldiers, their feet soles had metal on the bottom that made the most fantastic clomping sound as they marched and danced! 

 We managed a family pic, with Baylors gigantic Stitch

Beautiful! That's the Disney Magic :)
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