Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Candle Making (Attempt)

I always love trying out new projects, and as much of a soy-wax candle kick as I've been on lately, I thought I'd try and make them. I have loads of the pottery containers from my Swan Creek Candle Co. candles, that I hung on to for this project. I got a metal canister, soy-wax flakes, vanilla scent, and Regular and wooden wicks from Hobby Lobby.

I heated the canister on the stove and poured in the wax flakes a little at a time stirring them to melt, added a whole bottle of scent (i like really strong scents), and the after setting the wicks at the bottom of each canister with a little glue, I filled each canister. I sprinkled a little ground cinnamon at the top of each for looks and scent, and let them cool.

The finished product.... nice smelling candles, but when they burned, they tended to just a burn a small amount of wax in the middle, not evenly through the entire candle.....next time I think I'll do three wicks in each canister, still a pretty finished piece though :)

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