Monday, November 28, 2011

Tre Fratellis

I am not a fish eater. I love shrimp, lobster, crawfish, just no fish. However.... a few years ago we were eating at Tre Fratelli's, a quaint little hole-in-the wall restaurant, charming downtown Pensacola along with several other great spots like Hub Stacey's and Darma Blues, and the hubby ordered this fish pasta, which came out smelling and looking amazing! Against my norm, I gave in and tried a bite....DELICIOUS! I've since been hooked, this Grouper is just divine, and it's the only thing I ever order, not to mention the only place I'll order fish at.  

Charming old Downtown Pensacola building...perfect for sitting outside on a lovely day!

MMmmmmm, fresh pan-seared Grouper on a bed of Penne Pasta, with delicious herb and citrus flavor.....wish I had some now!

And being an Italian Restaurant, the kiddos always veg out on delectable pizza :) 

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