Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dining Under New Light

As I've mentioned before, I'm completely in love with finally having a real dining room, but after finishing building, I was not in love with the light they installed in it. The hubby and me had scoped out a few things we liked, but hadn't decided on anything. Then this past Saturday, while he was working, he works for a home improvement company (both a blessing and a curse), he called to tell me one of the lights was being discontinued, and was marked down from $239 to $50! I told him, that made it my favorite, and to bring it home....the bigger surprise, when the lighting manager rang it up, he marked it down even further, only $10 - can you believe??

Of course I was up at like 7 the next morning, anxiously trying to get him out of bed so we could put up the new light.

The Old.....

....and twenty minutes later (we are getting to be quite the lighting change-out experts :) ......
The New, such an improvement!

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