Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Horsing Around

I started riding before I can even remember, and was quite serious in high school, concentrating on three day eventing, and jumping anything and everything, the bigger the better :) (it's amazing how much braver you are when you're younger), And even though I've been out of it since I had kiddos, I still have that equestrian part of me that is drawn to anything having to do with horses. My mother is currently exploring around the USA, the Eastern coast at the moment, having just retired after 30 years in the Navy, so all her mail is coming to our house, and I perused through her Dover catalog and found all sorts of goodies I loved.

Joules Wellies, love the tan with just a punch of pink

I'm a preppy gal at heart, so I'm a sucker for a sharp looking Polo, especially love the rugby style

You can never go wrong with pink, Equine Couture patchwork Plaid Tote

or a bold striped tote

how about these gorgeous boots, Ariat York Tall Boots

again with the preppy, I can't help it, ♥♥♥ this New Market Down jacket

 Did you know you could find such great stuff in a saddlery catalog, bet not!

I love horsey decor too!
Andalusian Bust Anthropolgie

And one of my favorite artists, Heather Jansch, what she does with driftwood is AMAZING!!

 I Got to see her work in the Chicago Field Museum back in February, and was blown away!

That's little Miss B under there, just to show you how big these things are.

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