Thursday, November 17, 2011

White Antlers

I've been Pinning and commenting like crazy about how much I love painted antlers, and have been keeping my eyes out for some to get my hands on and experiment with. Two weekends ago, on our way home from a soccer game, there was a huge yard sale going on in front of a little consignment antique store. My husband doesn't miss a beat, he pulled in without me even asking to. As we browsed through all the old treasures, my husband held up a pair of bleached antler and asked  "weren't you looking for some of these?" such a good hubby :) He then ran off to find the lady that ran the store and managed to find me a second pair as well, both for only $15!

I had a trio of round mirrors with wooden frames, that two of the mirrors had been broken during our move, so I painted the antlers white with acrylic paint, mounted them to the frames, and hung them in our front Man/ Bar Room, I ♥♥♥

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