Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crayon Creation

I came across this crayon art project on PInterest here, and as things normally go in my head, I thought simple enough, I can do that, no directions needed, right?

Pinterest Inspiration Photo 

I pulled out a blank canvas, and used glue stick to equally space the crayons out

Then I hot-glued the crayons in place, and pulled out my hairdryer and began to blow over them on the hot setting. What a catastrophy creation!

After starting on the kitchen table, and getting crayon wax all over the table, my clothes, the floor, the name it, and it had crayon wax on it... I put the canvas inside a shopping bag and proceeded to blow-dry the crayons. It helped to somewhat contain the mess that ensued. 

The finished product is pretty neat, not really sure what I'll frame it in or where I'll hang it yet, but kind of just wanted to try it. Might be really cute for the kids playroom. 

Overall a cute project, but I would definately recommend doing it outside!
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